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Saturday, April 05, 2003

Claudio and I went to see "Daredevil" last night. Ripping action but all the graphic violence (for me, I am a wimp) had me wringing my hands and closing my eyes. And I kept getting distracted by how Ben Affleck could pretend he was blind by not moving his eye balls or blinking - and could I do that? Well, maybe yes if the camera was only pointing at me for 3 seconds and then the images were computer enhanced. The other amazing aspect of this trip to the cinema for a dose of American culture was the huge amount of food Claudio managed to consume. Perhaps the dumber the film, the greater the number of calories needed to stay alive ? Not quite an intellectual experience.
Well, after a promising start, this blog ground to a halt. I just couldn't get on to Blogger once the war started. And now all my previous ramblings are overshadowed by circumstances.

I can't believe how heated some people are getting over what they are reading in the press. Like it's all true.
When I was but a young undergraduate in media studies (yes, you can laugh and snort if you like, but I loved it) I did some research on the way the British press reported the "situation in Northern Ireland" and the IRA. It was a revelation of the extreme bias and propoganda we are fed on a daily basis. The war in Iraq is no exception. Where to go for info on what's really happening ? Keep reading the blogs, of course. Strangely enough, I keep going back to blogs that have views very different to my own. Knowing all sides of an argument is important to us Librans.