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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Not adding to my blog could become a source of guilt. Thank goodness I'm not a Catholic ! Oops, perhaps I shouldn't mention that to the Italian in-laws !

Brussels has been pretty dead over Easter. No demonstrations, no rain (hurray !), and hardly any (non-Belgian) people. Rather pleasant really.

Had a scrumptious Easter lunch with Charles and Maurice - a farewell lunch as they are about to leave Brusselsproutland forever and go run a gorgeous 19th century upmarket Bed and Breakfast in upstate New York. So now I know where we are going to spend our wedding anniversary ! More good friends leaving Brusselsproutlandd is saddening but predictable - the non-Belgians are bound to move on eventually.

Take a look at the nominees for the 7th annual Webby awards page - there's some amazing sites nominated. I am especially impressed with the wizardry of this one called nobodyhere and the off-the-wall-ness of this one about the pole-shift (something a bit different to worry about when you've had enough of Iraq/USA/elections etc. !).